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All of my long-form thoughts deemed fit for the internet.

Integrating a large Tokio-based Rust library with Haskell

A lot of the Rust <-> Haskell interop examples out there are for small, synchronous libraries. They also tend to omit how to actually package the Rust library. We'll take a look at challenges and solutions for how to integrate a Tokio-based Rust library with Haskell.

One Serialization Class to Rule Them All

Typical serialization libraries in the Haskell ecosystem target a single format. We explore how to provide composite serialization for data types that chooses the best format for each data type.

OpenTelemetry Gotchas– Phantom Spans

We struggled for several months with a mysterious tracing issue in our production environment. Unrelated web requests were being linked together in the same trace, but we could never see the root trace span. This is the story of how we found and fixed root cause.

Using React with GHCJS

Early explorations in data-driven Haskell applications in the browser.